I haven't worked at "conceptual" ad agencies. Nobody told my concepts that. When I began on our Google account at 1000heads, we were doing influencer tactics. 3 years later, our Google client relies on us for crafting global GTM concepts and credited my concepts for unlocking a wide array of new opportunities across their product umbrella. At Wunderman, an email I wrote became a concept we pitched to Minecraft's executive marketing team. 



The Pixel Chip

Google's upcoming flagship, the Pixel 6, will have the first-ever chip designed by Google. The problem is tech fans can't get their hands on it until launch day. That's why we invented a chip they could. 

Screen Shot 2021-08-01 at


You can’t get your hands on the new Google-chip powered Pixel until October.


But you can get a taste of it early with The Pixel Doritos Chips.


  1. Shortly after the reveal of the new Pixel chip, we’ll announce that it's already on store shelves … in the snack aisle.

  2. We’ll create limited-edition Pixel flavored Chips in partnership with Doritos that will be rolled out in stores, at venues and through influencer seeding kits. Each pack is designed to be more than just a tasty snack and teaches you about the latest innovation coming from Google.


1,000,000 tasty billboards

Each of the 5 flavors of the Google chip are inspired by features made better by the real Google chip. Each of the chips can be found anywhere you can buy a bag of Doritos—like millions of tasty little billboards.

Seeding the snacking 

Our chips will be found at exclusive vending machines first that also come with a chance to win the Pixel 6 during its embargo phase. Influencers are invited to the locations and we publish a Google Map of the vending machine locations on @MadeByGoogle.

YouTube unBAGGING reviews

We seed bags to tech outlets, tech reviewers, and foodie influencers, along with the Pi, for YouTube unBAGGINGs of the new phones.




Lionsgate challenged us to advertise their upcoming blockbuster in a way that would get the internet talking about it. We gave them something to f*cking talk about.


Mother f*cker isn’t just a word. It’s an attitude —
a needed one at that, for the many of us struggling with too-nice-itus.

Starring our audience: microsite

For those audience members that are not one of the chosen 10, we’ll replicate the experience by creating a Mother Deep F*ckerize It microsite, where anyone can submit soundbites of themselves to get their own deep faked trailer.  

In the matter of a few clicks, users can share out their trailers via email or by posting directly to social, populating our very own #MyFckingCut hashtag and driving further awareness for the effort.

We’ll provide added value by populating the site with some pre-made GIFs hosted through Giphy, for sharing out with friends or integrating into their Stories across social.

The First Deep-Faked Trailer

The internet has seen movie trailers before. But they have never seen themselves in a movie trailer before.

We’ll give people permission to mother f*ckerize their approach to life with the only way that’ll jive with Kincade:  letting them walk the walk.

Collaborating with 10 influencers, we’ll create a deep-fake cut of the trailer and release it as the unofficial “official” preview, with soundbites, GIFs, and supporting social assets to boot, taking the internet by storm one video view at a time.

On each of their own channels, our influencers will share out their own deep-faked trailer versions, complete with blooper tracks, with a CTA driving viewers to explore more of the campaign. All efforts will be boosted through paid media to gain added awareness and traction. 



As Steve Buscemi taught us as Jennifer Lawrence, deep fakes offer an opportunity to create something vaguely terrifying and impossible to ignore.


We’ll lean into Samuel Jackson’s favorite word not just for its disruptive value, but because of its ability to give our audience the swagger and confidence we all wish we could achieve.

So language warning: we’re taking a page from his (and Darius’) book and letting our audience channel their inner badass, putting everyday people in our characters’ killer instinct, blood-stained shoes with unexpected and most importantly, conversational activations. This is how we’re going to mother f*ckerize the internet.  

Minecraft CRM concept

Be Square

At the time, I was a Jr. Copywriter on Wunderman's Minecraft CRM account. I was tasked with creating a status quo event invite. The concept I created got backing from Wunderman's CCO to build out into a functioning AI-powered prototype we pitched to Minecraft's executive marketing team—a first for our agency.


If Minecraft's core gameplay mechanic, building a world out of cubical objects as a cubical being, is any indication—being a square isn't a bad thing.


Show the player-base of the world's biggest video game that being a square is something to be proud of by allowing them to create a square version of their real self.


  1. We develop a custom character creator that allows for as many unique facial combinations as their are Minecraft players. 

  2. We send out the character creator to our Minecraft audience allowing them to recreate and share their IRL face in Minecraft for the first time ever, and make it their profile picture on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, and Snapchat. 




The launch concept I created for Google’s previous phone, the Pixel 5, was selected to move on into production exploration with AAA movie publishers, beating out 8 other ad agencies’ concepts due to its ability to highlight our key USP, Titan M security.



Security is a top 3 consideration driver for phones, and Google Pixel’s Titan M can deliver. Security sounds boring to consumers, but security clearance can unlock access to exciting things. 


Google’s Titan M provides the security clearance needed to access the next James Bond film (Nov. 28) film early.


  1. Invite customers to an exclusive movie premiere that’s locked behind a smartphone security checkpoint only Titan M (The Security Clearance Clearer) can bypass. 

  2. Those who pass verification on our G-Store landing page unlock the premiere, invited to stream it on an embedded YouTube Movie in ultra-HD on Chromecast or on phone connected to 5G. 

  3. Unlock behind-the-scenes content for agents.



We’ll set a timer on our landing page (hosted on G-Store) that counts down to the premiere date. Checking in early unlocks exclusive GIFs from the upcoming film, which fans can use that no one else on the internet has.


This email will self-destruct

We’ll send self-destructing invitations to Pixel 5 owners and superfans letting them know about the upcoming partnership. We can also do the same with our #TeamPixel mailer.


Influencer Kits

We’ll send out spy seeding kits in the forms of locked boxes that can only be opened  by the password: Pixel 5.

picture1 (1).png


One of my advertising philosophies is that a concept should be just as big as it should be. Just because these ideas fit on a single slide doesn’t mean they’re not “big.” 

The Pixel $1 Mansion 
(Google Pay concept)


Local staycations are the form of travel Americans are most comfortable with.


To launch their latest digital wallet, Google Pixel is hosting $1 mansions on AirBnB, that you can snag with Google Pay.


Through a cultural activation, we host surprise $1 mansions on AirBnB anyone can rent out, but only with Google Pay. We’ll have one of these mansions go live in each state at an undisclosed time which can be reserved on a first come, first serve basis.


The Google Pay BK Whopper Wrapper
(Google Pay concept)

Financial education is hardly present at the places we spend the most time or money at.

Now when you purchase a Burger King Whopper, you unwrap thousands of dollars in financial advice from Pixel 5’s new digital wallet: Google Pay 3.0.

Through an existing comarketing partnership with BK (or Dunkin’, UberEats etc.) we make it so that when you buy a Whopper with Google Pay you get one of a series of special wrappers that include financial literacy tips and can save you thousands based on Google Pay’s smart money management lessons.*


The Nest Traveling Trick or Treat Door
(Google Nest concept)

People can’t go door-to-door this year.

Let’s bring door, to doors. Google brought a traveling door to a neighborhood in Salem, MA to help families go trick or treating without leaving their doorstep.



We’ll TRICK out a motorized door that drives around Salem and goes from door to door surprising homes with the most helpful, and spooky, doorbell ever. All they need to do is step outside their front door and yell “Hey Google, Trick or Treat” as we drop off candy, Prince plays spooky music. Nest cuts the light off the machine. Google Nest Doorbell meows. Salem, shudders.


The Thermostat Soulmate

(Google Nest concept)

“Green singles” are a thing (eco-conscious singles on the market looking for plant-loving counterparts), and nearly half of Americans wouldn’t date someone who didn’t have the same thermetiquette as them. 


Let’s co-market with a dating app such as Hinge, and create an in-app questionnaire people can fill out on all things thermostat: like temp, how price savvy they are and eco-friendliness. Upon completion, people can discover their Thermostat Soulmate and even swipe through “Green Leaf” matches: those with eco-friendly thermostat habits.


We’ll encourage matches to post about the experience on social through a giveaway and we’ll follow up with the pairs over the next few months for a cute, hearthwarming, social series.




Sometimes the client’s problem doesn’t need some big ethos campaign or a ~disruptive~ idea. Instead, there are times when a problem just needs a solution. I pitched the following idea for Google’s 2021 Black History Month moment realizing it was a way to tap our entire influencer community. The idea went on into production and saw some of our best results ever as our community cross promoted Black Owned businesses and the final kit even ended up being sent to Beyonce and Oprah.


We provide the #teampixel community with a $100 voucher they can use to make their purchase, but more impactfully, they each use their unique photography skills and audience they’ve earned to raise awareness and support for the business over the course of the month and beyond.

#TeamPixel small business reviews

41% of Black owned businesses are going under in the wake of Covid-19, support and amplification has never been more important as a result. 

#TeamPixel members channel their unique skills and platform to review Black-owned small businesses, driving real impact and support for the business they choose. 



We help identify 10 Black-owned small businesses in each major market our influencers are from, then prompt the community to purchase products from the business and share about it on their platforms during Black History month — the content can be anything from a full video product review to a quick caption including the product and brand.